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  1. Fenix`

    Reassuring the Ghoztcraft Community.

    i've never downloaded anything with a virus in it from this website.
  2. Fenix`

    Starcraft Low Latency

    download link isint working
  3. Fenix`


  4. Fenix`


    Anyway to change the hotkey on this from 'delete' to something else ? so i can use it with oblivion ?
  5. Fenix`

    annihilation command help

    ok, how do i set the 2 points where i want the probe to make pylones in a line because everytime i try it it messes up and makes them in places i dont want them to be
  6. Fenix`

    annihilation command help

    how does /linear work ? i cant figure it out.. also is there a way to 'farcast' mutiple nukes with the 'alt/+ /nuketest' thing, so far iv only been able to launch 1 at a time like this