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    My interest are pretty much the same as every nerd.You know play video games, watch anime,build a bitching computer. You know the standard stuff.<br />

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  1. Steam IDs

    Who here still plays games on Steam. Id is OMGitsWilson. Hit me up if you want.
  2. So what has been going on here.

    It has been awhile since I popped my head in here. What does everyone do here now a days?
  3. Ghoztcraft Age Demographic

    I'm 18 wOOt.
  4. Post a picture of yourself

    This is the great White Rose
  5. Hey I'm back

    That sucks. I owned at it.
  6. It has Begun.

    I know my mom is gettig me an Ipod, And my dad I think is getting me a rifle.
  7. Hey I'm back

    Yep those were the good old days, back when I played the army system. Hey do we still have it I did find it when I looked over the site this morning.
  8. XBox Hacking?

    Ok I have been trying to find a way to rip the music files from and xbox disk and download them to my computer. So far I have found a couple ways to do it, But they are require a working modded xbox. I have one xbox that is working that is unmodded. As well as an xbox thats the CD blew out on, that I would be willing to mod. Now I was wondering if there is a program out there that I could use that wouldn't need a modded xbox, that I could use to rip the files. Or if I will just have to break down and get my broken xbox fixed. Oh if you know of any good cracking programs I would like to hear of them.
  9. Hey I'm back

    Yep I figure sitting on my ass in a room full of books for 30 years of my life wouldn't be that bad.
  10. Hey I'm back

    Library science. the greats nerd major ever.
  11. Hey I'm back

    There is a college in the next town of Modesto Junior college.
  12. Hey I'm back

    Mostly I have just been busy with college, so I haven't had time to get on.
  13. Hey I'm back

    I haven't been around Ghoztcraft in months. I like what you did with the place really nice. Well I'm off to go spread my havoc on the world.
  14. New Siggy!

    dude you know Xthar will find a way to get back at you right.
  15. Last Words Of Famous, Criminal People, Suicidal Notes

    that is like the most random thing I have seen..........................IT FREAKEN ROCKS