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  1. ViperSRT3g

    Merry Christmas!

    Oh hi, first time checking out the updated forums tbh. I just hang out in the discord all day.
  2. Oh heeeeeeeey. :meeting:

    1. ViperSRT3g


      Oh heeey, didn't even see this here.


  3. ViperSRT3g

    Mineral Statz

  4. ViperSRT3g

    Starcraft Brood War Patch 1.18

    Source: https://starcraft.com/en-us/articles/20674424
  5. ViperSRT3g

    Old Games

    Starcraft :]
  6. ViperSRT3g

    We want GIF Avatars

    Hell the site's default theme already shows its age. Look at all that unused space on the margins! This was fine when we only had 4:3 screens!
  7. ViperSRT3g

    Ghoztcraft Gaming Servers

    I saw that, but all the old hacks probably won't work. :P/> That's when you make new ones :D
  8. ViperSRT3g

    Ghoztcraft Gaming Servers

  9. ViperSRT3g

    Ghoztcraft Gaming Servers

    It's too fun sometimes, boring in others while you wait for tech to research. But the amount of shenanigans you can get into with the conveyors, vehicles, trains, and drones is pretty awesome.
  10. ViperSRT3g

    Ghoztcraft Gaming Servers

    Hacks are still allowed right? On everything but the Hardcore server.
  11. ViperSRT3g

    Ghoztcraft Gaming Servers

    I still have my Minecraft servers going in case anyone gets bored and feels like playing MC! Vanilla MC: van.viper.works Vanilla Amplified Snapshot: snap.viper.works Vanilla Oceana: ocean.viper.works Vanilla Hardcore: hardcore.viper.works FTB Infinity Evolved 2.4.2: mod.viper.works:25575 Teamspeak 3: talk.viper.works
  12. ViperSRT3g

    Making a Starcraft Hack - Advanced

    Oh wow, long time no see Dyndrilliac