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  1. BroKeNBoX

    Woman claims ownership of the Sun

    The only way anyone can "own" anything, is if the majority of people agree to acknowledge that ownership. Nobody is going to acknowledge her claim to ownership, let alone a "toll" fee for its usage.
  2. BroKeNBoX

    5 insane true facts about starcraft 2

    hard to imagine playing 10 hours a day, six days a week. jeeze.
  3. BroKeNBoX

    Worlds Toilet Crisis

    Actually, water treatment plants in the US filter their water through river sand to clean it.
  4. BroKeNBoX

    Revamp old Computer

    I know speedy, its expensive and complicated to build a computer. The thing is that ddr3 and multi-core processors arnt that important when it comes to running games. That stuff is best used for servers and database stuff. A 4ghz dual core processor with 6gb of ddr2 will run anything under the sun with ease. The rest is up to the graphics card anyways, my suggestion is if you guys are only going to play games, is just get a good graphics card and a fast processor.. and if you can manage it, try to overclock your ram and your buses. If your going to go for super multi-threading ddr3 technology, your going to be dishing out the big bucks for essentially something you dont really need anyways. When choosing a graphics card, you should always choose at least 3 steps above whatever games you are intending to play.. Some general rules though When selecting a processor, make sure to get one with a high cache. When selecting ram, try to select faster ram, the higher, the better. (as long as your mobo supports it) When it comes to graphics cards, its more important how fast it can process memory than it is how good the depth shading and other stuff is.
  5. BroKeNBoX

    Revamp old Computer

    Well guys, if your going to be getting a new graphics card, your most likely going to need a new power supply too. Any graphics card your likely to buy is going to require an external power supply.. and most of them take between 150 and 250 watts of power. Add that to the increase in energy consumption from a cpu like a quad core ( i think thats like 115 watts) your looking at a significant increase in computer power consumption. If you make room for 2 graphics cards, you can end up with an extra 500 watts of power consumption, which would necessitate at least a 900 watt power supply (you always want to give yourself some room) If your buying a new mobo, your probably going to want to buy one that has at least 5 PCI-E slots,), and built in USB 3.0 would be good too (although you can buy a PCI-E card for it for like 40 dollars) Definitely dont buy one that supports anything less than 8 gigs of ram though. A computer is only as fast as its slowest component, and without raid you will be limited by the speed of your hard drive. Past a 2.5ghz processor and 4 gigs of ddr2, a single 7200 rpm hard drive wont be able to keep up anyways, especially if you overclock. Another option instead of raid, is to get a solid state drive, and install your OS and programs that your going to run on that, and then put in like a 1TB slave for all your files. Those solid states are pretty fast, although to be honest, ive never actually had one myself so i dont know how it would compare to raid, plus they are expensive. If your running windows7, you will need at least a 200 gig hard drive (games can take up a LOT of space) if not 250 gig, and they run like 4-7 hundred dollars, depending on how big it is. If you run a gaming linux distrobution, like gentoox or something, you will need a fraction of the space and could instead use a 100gb solid state, which only costs 300 or so. (which is actually cheaper than raid considering you need 4+ hard drives, a good raid controller by itself is 250 dollars, + the cost of several low data failure rate hard drives) Add to that the extra power consumption of running several hard drives.. it gets a little spendy Oh, i almost forgot, if your going to be buying a new power supply, be careful to buy one thats way above what you need, a lot of these power supplies will say "500 watt", but thats only at their maximum and they cant maintain that consistently without damaging your system. Try to get one thats 80% energy efficient+ too, and dont forget to buy some arctic silver thermal compound for your new cpu, especially if your planning to overclock. (it takes the temp down like 10C from just about anything else)
  6. BroKeNBoX

    StarCraft 2 Hack Programmers Sued

    What client did she use to download them? I think it was ares from the picture, but the article doesnt say so i dont know.
  7. BroKeNBoX

    StarCraft 2 Hack Programmers Sued

    I wonder how all this is going to turn out. It would be pretty said if perma and zynaster ended up like that woman who got fined 1.9 million for downloading 24 songs. What i find even more sad in all this is that some of you assholes are acting like "they had it coming". This show of sadistic glee at the possible imprisonment of others appalls me. They hacked on video games, they were not computer terrorists. Now however they will probably be treated as if they were.
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  9. BroKeNBoX

    Freedom 2 Hack

    For some reason, guests who arnt signed in can download this by simply entering the main page of Ghoztcraft and clicking on "recent downloads" People should at least be signed in before they can download hacks =P
  10. BroKeNBoX


    Horray a free post! Whoops I mean, cool beans!
  11. BroKeNBoX

    Taking down the Games

    Thats awesome, Thanks zhuinden! and yeah, bnet is way to lazy to shut it down or fix it lol
  12. BroKeNBoX

    Ask me anything spiritual

    i answered part of this in post #10. Not all religions believe in heaven and hell as necessarily a place you go. Some other religions have an idea similar to the bahá'í faith. Actually here ill just copy this from wikipedia "regards the conventional description of heaven (and hell) as a specific place as symbolic. The Bahá'í writings describe heaven as a "spiritual condition" where closeness to God is defined as heaven; conversely hell is seen as a state of remoteness from God." As for the actual question... i believe that people's minds, or sense of self is constantly being pressed out into the collective mental sphere (Mankind field of emanations), and man essentially picks other people up as he goes along. I believe this occurs even while people are alive, but if they die, the last of them gets pressed out and taken in by other people. Its in this way that people get "reborn" as other people. (Its really more like were all being constantly absorbed back into everyone else) This field that surrounds mankind, or rather his emanations, is what i consider hell. I believe that anyone who dies does go to "hell", and the only way to go to "heaven" so to speak, is to reach the inner plain and ascend the way some of the prophets, avatars, and other people have. Basically, what i believe is a form of reincarnation, not much different from buddhism, except that i believe that reincarnation doesnt end or begin with death, and that heaven isnt a place you can go "after" death. I know the way i believe differs a little from other major paths.. but i have my reasons why i believe this that would take too long to explain. As i said before, the realm of the psychic is the realm of mans emanations, people see all sorts of stuff in our emanations, angels, demons, ghosts, spirits, animal guides, aliens (not the physical kind), balls of light etc. Man projects many archetypal beliefs that each have their own "gravity" so to speak. As man places his life force into his beliefs, they become "real" for everyone who believes in it. Except that reality can only be experienced by those who fall into the same vibrational gravity of belief that that belief resides in. These collective emanations can be very real and very powerful for those who experience them, even causing and leaving behind tangible evidence of their presence, like an object moving for example. They can do this primarily because the capacity for doing that already resides in the experiencer, and them giving their energy to the emanation has given it the capacity to act on life of the experiencer. I think that my view explains virtually all experiences as had by mankind concerning the "spiritual" I also feel that this view explains the collective paradigm shifts of mankind, and the individual changes in belief that occur due to experience. (This is because experiences occur in fields, and if you get one end of a sphere, as you explore that sphere, you will eventually end up on the other side of it so to speak, so if someone believes in say angels, then at some point they must experience a demon, because the vibrational occurrence that angels are a result of come from the same vibrational place that demons do.) I also believe, that if man focuses within, not on his emanations but on what he is an emanation of, and applies his energy properly, his emanations line up with the deeper truth of the dynamic life principle, and that which he emanates becomes clear and heavenly.
  13. BroKeNBoX

    Ask me anything spiritual

    Refer to post #12 in this thread. I share a similar way of thinking. There are two main types of information, objective and subjective information. Subjective information can be debated endlessly precisely because no one knows the answer, objective information on the other hand, if it is valid as such, cannot be debated. Real spiritual masters know the truth behind the things that the seekers and the self delusional see to be subjective or unknown. Thats why the masters will usually only speak the truth once and they will never argue a point. When someone really knows something, there is no need to. Which is part of why the subjective always ends up becoming just like another religion. Not really. When people speak of science and religion being a contradiction, they are speaking of the opinion, understanding, or various theories of scientists and religious followers. Science is, in and of itself, an approach to tackle unknown quantities in a methodical manner, so is religion. If scientists contradict each other, Its because they have twisted evidence, or refuse to account for evidence to the contrary of their assertions, in much the same way that religious followers refuse to account for the evidence of god in contradiction to their assertions as well. Really, they are almost one and the same thing. Organized religion attempts to control accepted opinion in much the same way scientific institutions do.. by proclaiming everyone believes a certain way and then denying any contradictory evidence. The thing of it is though, that the deeper causes behind why things happen are usually not so simple that you can understand them through researching what is readily observable alone, neither can you explain a cause while refusing to look at any kind of evidence of what you actually can observe either. With that said, a person who tackles an issue with faith or science alone, is like a person trying to walk with only one leg. The reality of how a person meditates and works to acquire their goal is faith based, but the understanding of it and the debugging of any issue that comes afterward should be done through the recording of results. In other words, science is the solid ground of what you can see and "faith" is the active navigation through that which you cannot see, but as you apply faith that which you cannot see becomes visible and that visibility becomes knowing and the greater ground upon which you stand becomes firmly rooted in that which can you verify by direct results. What that really means for most people's spiritual journey though, is the proper allocation of their focus in that which is eternal. That part of it is definitely not a thing of science, but the aspect of finding out what is causing you to lose focus, or what is disabling you from applying yourself fully in the god principle, is a matter of science. There is a principle behind that as well. Whatever a person focuses on they call forth to a greater degree in their perception, kind of like how if you stare at a single thing, that one thing becomes your whole world. If god is what you want to be your world, thats where the focus must be, but how can a person stay focused there if you are focused on a problem or difficulty? Thats the main reason why the highest commandment in the bible to is to "love god", to keep your eye single and on the divine. If a person does that, they naturally find anything that detracts from that to become a burden. Once a person casts that burden off they know why, and in this way gain results based on direct experience. With that said, im not a scientist, but there is a definite principle by which i apply myself.
  14. BroKeNBoX

    Ask me anything spiritual

    lol, actually this is kinda fun so i guess ill keep going for a little while.. i finally get to access the shareboards today! =D As for which religion do i believe, i have to say none of them and all of them. As i said before, at the core of every religion lies an inner mystical tradition that is almost identical to all other religions. It is this inner mystical tradition that i follow. But yeah, you know you guys im not shy. You can ask me anything, like "where does evolution play in all this" or "what is the principle behind the powers of angels or other type beings, and how do they tie into everything" or "who died and made you pope?" lol.. or "If everything has its roots in singularity, then how is that everything seems to depend on everything else in the observable world? or seems to be incomplete by itself" or "If there really are spirits and other such beings, why do they not manifest themselves more greatly in our sphere to help us?"
  15. BroKeNBoX

    Ask me anything spiritual

    Well ive been practicing and studying spiritually for about 5 years now. Thats not to say that im special or that i absolutely know all the answers, its simply that no deeper causes have been revealed to me that contradicts the realizations ive had, or the conclusions ive drawn from recording my results. At this point, everything works out exactly as expected and theres very little mystery to anything. However, if a contradiction reveals itself, and there are deeper causes of which i am unaware, then i will certainly learn something from that experience and grow in my understanding. The irony of this is that no "understanding" is spiritual, even though that contradicts the concept of a spiritual question, to me true spirituality is the absolute moment of direct experience of the spirit. Everything else that is said about is only there after the fact and has nothing to do with the thing itself. Really, most anything anyone can say about the direct spiritual experience can only detract ones focus away from that fact.. Still, sometimes its fun to say it even if there is no point. Its not like anybody can actually accept a conclusion they themselves didnt come to within. Without that direct knowing based on experience there is always doubt.