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  1. Gloopie

    To whom it may concern

    It's been a while since I've spoken to Anny on AIM, but I'll always remember the great conversations we had during the early days of Ghoztcraft. It's been almost nine whole years ago when this website came to fruition and when we both decided to participate in this community. With that in mind its crazy to reflect upon how fast times have changed and how old we've gotten since then. Rest in peace Anny.
  2. Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Juliet, I wish we can move on to know each other send me an email at ([email protected]) if only only you care, for me to send to you my photos, and tell you more about myself .



  3. Gloopie

    GC Admin vouches

    I'd totally vouch.
  4. Gloopie

    DJ Vipe

    Something other then dubstep or techno? XD
  5. do u know the ip tp the terreria server

  6. do u know the ip tp the terreria server

  7. Gloopie

    Anyone disapointed with Diablo 3?

    All I do is farm Act 1 Inferno so I can get gear for Act 2... :( Pretty much hit a big wall and can't do anything else.
  8. Gloopie

    XGhozt Admin Powers.

    Just so you know the minecraft server is pretty griefed and boring as well.. XD
  9. Gloopie

    Made this a while back...

    Heres more than I guess... o.o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOaPIUhE030
  10. Gloopie

    Time to get back in the game

    I think I have time.
  11. Gloopie

    Ghoztcraft Minecraft Server is Online

    Buncha heathens with bows and arrows in there I swear!
  12. Gloopie

    6 Month VPN service for free!

    I was a tad late. But, at least I still get something out of it.
  13. Gloopie

    A Bit of help?

    It really hurts my ears, sounds like breakcore and speedcore. Its really rough.

  15. Gloopie


    How'd you render that?!?!? Tell please...