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  1. Jordanv78

    Play Station Lovers

    As the Sony situation goes, you can't really blame them for being hacked. You can complain about how they got the news to the users, but how were they supposed to prevent from being hacked? Also most companies aren't really that forthcoming about attacks that affect user information. This has happened to systems of many big companies, and hackers constantly intrude government servers, online retailers, banks and many other sensitive systems. If a group of well funded, and skillful hackers want to get into your system, they will. No Sever is truly "hack proof" To say something like this couldn't happen to Microsoft's network is VERY short sighted. Why would you assume that because someone "pays" money to them that it's somehow more secure? That really makes no sense. Many banking websites are hacked constantly with big hacking organizations skimming millions from them. Why do you think that happens? Do you think that their severs are somehow less secure than Microsoft's too? Even though they are all regulated by their federal governments? What this should really tell people is that they should be very careful with their personal, and financial information online. I buy point cards, or use a prepaid credit card for purchases online. These are much easier to use, and you don't have to worry about fraud.
  2. Jordanv78

    Its about damn time

    http://youtu.be/aYsELyktylA America....FUCK YEAH.....!!!!!! Coming again to save the mutherfucking day, YEAH! http://youtu.be/wcmuPc8_SWQ
  3. Jordanv78

    JamLegend is closing.

    Both franchises are down for the count. Like I said before, Harmonix is still technically a company, but they were sold by Viacom for 50$ and tens of millions in debt. So they aren't going to be making a new Rock Band title any time in the near future, that's for sure. Both franchises have seen their sales dip drastically over the past 2 years.
  4. Jordanv78

    JamLegend is closing.

    No kill was pretty much correct since Activision said they were pulling the plug on the franchise, and Harmonix is basically out of business. Or better put the whole company was sold by Viacom for 50$ plus all of their debt.
  5. Jordanv78

    Portal 2 Released

    ....by being able to do these, and much more to your opponents. http://youtu.be/SMCtwA-Me08
  6. Jordanv78

    JamLegend is closing.

    Yeah both Rock Band and Guitar Hero are basically no more. Basically out of business. It killed itself by flooding the market with expensive plastic instruments and a new title every year until people stopped buying them.
  7. Jordanv78

    Portal 2 Released

    Portal 2 looks great, but a 4 hour campaign? That's pretty short for a full priced game. BTW Mortal Kombat is great. I have been waiting for years for them to give this series the reboot it deserves.
  8. Jordanv78

    JamLegend is closing.

    hmmm I've never heard of this site, although I'm not surprised its shutting down considering that the Music/rhythm game genre pretty much crashed and burned earlier this year. I do understand how bad it sucks when a site you love to go to closes down though. Always a bummer.
  9. Jordanv78

    Colbert did the immposible

    "My hand is a dolphin!!!" haha
  10. Jordanv78

    Colbert did the immposible

    haha that' was pretty damn awesome. Check this one out.
  11. Jordanv78

    No shadow Spring coming soon

    This guy has a much better chance of predicting the weather ;)
  12. Jordanv78

    No shadow Spring coming soon

    A totally ridiculous tradition, but I still play along. Maybe because groundhogs are funny. lol