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  1. Rakes

    Flame Board

    I'm sure there's a good reason for the post requirement..
  2. Rakes

    Vote On Hack Features

    autoqueue for zerg? Don't know if it's been done/possible but it would be cool
  3. Rakes

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    My three favourites; When the boogie man goes to bed, he checks his closet for chuck norris When chuck norris does push-ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the world down Chuck norris can watch 60 minutes... in 30 minutes
  4. Rakes


    The 'G' stands for 'Gay' right? nah jks jks. no offense, worked for me. keep it up
  5. Rakes

    Vote On Hack Features

    I like everything, but probably wouldn't use the blacklist/whitelist or winamp controls. what would the antihack detect? just zerg minhacks or maphacks too?
  6. Rakes

    The Karma Game

    I like how you're aussie
  7. Rakes

    Which Way Does Your Toilet Spin?

    Southern hemisphere here, mine doesn't spin at all... when I push the button, like a torrent of water just comes out and then all my shit is gone. hope that helps
  8. Rakes

    Credit Or No Credit

    No credit.. And then smack her down
  9. Rakes

    The Legend Of Max

    HAX lol jk great job
  10. Rakes

    This Is Why Myspace Is Horrible.

    Oh damn that kid's voice is high... it may have been more effective if he'd thought up more creative and offensive insults than 'go die bitch' and I agree with those above who said myspace is boring. I know people who are on myspace for so many hours a day.. but honestly there are not that many things to do....
  11. Rakes

    Song association game.

    RATM - Killing in the name
  12. Rakes

    A Lost Laptop, A $54 Million Lawsuit

    yeah but... 54 mil....
  13. Rakes

    Battle.net Connection Help

    Well that is strange indeed. You say you're only getting a disc from the game and not the entirety of bnet. Well in that case I have no idea what it could be and it's not your ISP giving you a noisy line or anything. Have you tried using other computers within ur house (if you have them)?
  14. Rakes

    Battle.net Connection Help

    Hi, I had the exact same problem really recently. But it was not just bnet, it was my entire internet connection which dropped out, sometimes every few hours, sometimes every few minutes. Long story short, I talked to my ISP and they told me to change a bunch of stuff like getting filters.. disabling alarm clocks.. it was a bunch of shit. Still it didn't fix it so we changed ISP and bingo! problem solved. Hope that helps in some way. However if it's just Bnet disconnecting and not your entire internet connection try looking into firewalls and other protection services you may have i.e. peer guardian programs. Might even help to port forward if you haven't been doing that already
  15. Rakes

    Dementia Test

    I think that not reading it completely is the point of it, hence why you're not meant to think. To be completely honest I did add up the third one to be 5000 but I realised before I typed it. If I didn't have time between typing and thinking I woulda got done by it