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  1. MiKeY17

    L337 5p34k

    waste of space...
  2. MiKeY17

    Blizzard Tightning Up

    wow, how true jordan...that shit was deep... O.o i have to agree
  3. MiKeY17

    My 3rd Post Zzzzzzzzzzz;;;kkk

    me thinks some1 should ban his ass for good... r atleast shoot him
  4. MiKeY17

    New Hack Needed

    If Anyone else wants to say that they want a hack or "yes, me too" or some other spaming shit like that :: tip for you, WAIT FOR FUCK SAKES BE PATIENT. So fucking tired of ur newbish spamish shit
  5. MiKeY17

    Zero Gold

    ROFLMAO Starcraft battle chest cost way less then this fucking hack i rather use InHale :: Dt has my respect
  6. MiKeY17

    Who Wants The New Zero Come And Have It

    Lol this sh*t is to funny...y would you think its the truth...aint it a lil to obvious
  7. MiKeY17

    Best Site Ever