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    gaming (of course) computers.. everything about comps networking programming, building comps... um football,<br />swiming

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  1. bvdpoolbear69

    Love Poem

    Not bad if poetry is your thing.
  2. bvdpoolbear69

    Gam4e on pplz

    GAMe on till 2012 i post u post double click that
  3. bvdpoolbear69

    Hi-Res Starcraft 2 Unit Portraits

    Can't wait till this comes out. So excited! Be like playing it for the first time all over again.
  4. bvdpoolbear69

    Starcraft 2 Unit List from 2005

    Sc2 Will Pown All!!!
  5. bvdpoolbear69

    Need Help With Eub

    k got working proxys and still dont work with proxy plzzzzz help im so pisssed it wont work i check the 1080 box it says connecting get to connect then disconects for no reason plz help
  6. bvdpoolbear69

    Need Help With Eub

    yes i used bent checker got a couple of them checked em on both checkers so i know they work
  7. bvdpoolbear69

    Need Help With Eub

    plzz help im connecting eub winbot and without proxys i connect 3 fine well 6 bots total since max is 7 i think without proxys well when i use 2 working proxys (and yes 1080 proxys) it says connecting to battlenet then it says logging in or whatever but it then disconnects and yes i have the 1080 box ticked and both proxys were cchecked and tryed more than 2 proxys and diff cdkeys buit i know they cd keys work cuz they work without proxys plzzzzzzzzzz help me its fustrating XD