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  1. Crafterz

    I'm baaaack

    My camera broke almost right away. I bought a cheap one from Norcent right before I left, and it stopped working two days in.
  2. Crafterz


    Can you toggle it on and off? Or once it's loaded it's on?
  3. Crafterz

    Google URL Index Hits 1 Trillion

    Imagine how long it would take to update 1 trillion pages stored in google. How long it would take to re-index them. As in 26 million in a few hours, but its 1 trillion, and new pages are created every day.
  4. Crafterz

    I'm baaaack

    Hey guys, well my vacation was awesome, just traveled around to some random places and such. I'm glad to be back and I'll cya round :o
  5. Crafterz

    Be back soon!

    Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving this weekend on vacation for a little over a month and wont have any internet the entire time -.-. I'll be back in the site as soon as I return though, which is mid august. I'll cya then, Crafterz
  6. Crafterz

    Ghoztcraft Menu<Firefox 3.0?

    Yeah, it would be nice to have the menu back lol
  7. Crafterz

    California Gov. calls for no fireworks

    That's not what July 4th is all about, but it is a big part of it. Not seeing them live isn't the biggest deal, but also long as you can see them, tv/internet, that's ok in my opinion because it helps the state so much.
  8. Crafterz


    Hey, welcome to GC.
  9. Crafterz

    this is just... omg

    0.O *no comment*
  10. Crafterz


    Yeah, I have a friend who made the mistake of trying to use it on a live server. People just don't think that you should only use it on privates.
  11. Crafterz


    I thought that you can't use this on a live server or you'll be banned....
  12. Crafterz

    Starcraft Lag Help

    If it's you computer, and the game is running more slowly, try to do what zhuiden said, that came with the 1.15.2 patch, sand see what happens. Also, a slow connection to bnet could mean that.
  13. Crafterz


    You should also probably warn other webmasters, just in casehe goes for anyone else. And I thought we has DoS protection.
  14. Crafterz

    I keep getting dropped help

    Whenever that happens, I just switch to different servers.
  15. Crafterz


    Brain freeze :( He's probably just sitting there in front of the ice cream with his eye twitching.