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  1. What isn't working exactly?

  2. Sooo guys. I'm sorry the first post has to be a complaint, but what is going on here. I thought the account would be upgraded "instantly" to VIP. Yet i'm still listed as a n00b. So I want justice, I know you need to log on to pay, so you cannot mistake the account for that. AND i did check both of my emails, the one with this account and the one to my paypal. Nothing. Sooo what's up? Actually guys, i figured out the problem, i messed up since i was in a rush to sign up. I wanted to gain access and let off some good steam before my exams within the next 2 days, so i clicked on the image and didn't include my username. I should have just donated from the control panel. So if xghost can fix my mess up then that would be great.