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Meant To Live

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ment to live



i feel in love with you at first sight.

and i look in your eye and see everything is perfect.

but me IM nothing not even worthy to see your face.

i look out side and see IM different.

i feel unwanted so cold as my heart.

and now and then your my friend some one i can talk to.

i feel so distant with out you.

with out your love i fall apart.

all these open wound im scard to go to you.

im fearful you will turn me away.

Why cant I live up to the dream you made for me.

I know IM ment to live for so much more.

Why cant I just give up my self and start new in you.

Why must I be drag down by my old self?

Why cant I just be with you every moment.

I know you have so much more for me.

I just want to grab hold and never let go.

I just want to live for so much more


i felt emo at camp so i rote this for all my friends at gc i still love you chris

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Nice poem and yea switchfoot is a pretty good band:D

not really...they are accually pretty bad


i think they just made a new album

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dude i dint get dsl i got raod runner its better and faster and switch foot sucks ass i dint mean the name of my peom to be the same as there song nvm im just tired

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