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Hacks for warcraft version 1.22

9 files

  1. GayPimp's WC3 MapHack

    Reveals the Entire Map.
    - Undetected
    - Reveal units in-game
    - Reveal units on minimap
    - Clear fog on minimap
    - Clear fog in-game
    - Clickable units
    - New (hopefully), unique, code-caved offsets
    - These should be enough to jack the creeps of your opponents and kill all their expo's.
    I can add some features if I have time. I can also remove the clear fog on mini-map if you wish.
    How to use (v1):
    Numpad 1: ON
    Numpad 2: OFF
    Numpad 3: QUIT



  2. GayPimp's Namespoofer

    A simple console-based namespoofer.
    Hi guys, I've compiled this simple console-based namespoofer in C++ (for Warcraft 3). This is my first hack and also my second program ever. There is no neat interface with a custom color palette and it's not as good as Shadowfrench's, but I am posting this as neat(check the picture ) little alternative.
    Of course, this will only work in custom games and in custom game lobbies. Do not use before playing a ladder game.
    The file is 485 kb large unzipped. The real size is 520 bytes when debugged correctly, but I'm too lazy to re-upload.



  3. ShadowDota

    ShadowDota is a MapHack for Dota Game, i will release a normal MapHack atfer.
    I not end to fix all features for 1.22, but i know people want a MapHack, then i release this incomplete version, i will update the version during next days.
    This version contain this features
    - View Unit
    - Unit Missile
    - GFX
    - Blight
    - Reveal Invisible (Show Invisible Unit in red)
    - View Unit
    - Remove Fog on Players Area
    - Reveal Invisible
    - Ping Signal
    - Color Creep
    - View Skill
    - Cooldown
    - Click Ressource
    - Hero Enemy
    - Enable Trade Amount 100/200
    - Camera 1650/1800/2000/2500/3000/3200
    The only new feature i success to fix from shadowdota 1.21b is ( show invisible unit in red )
    This feature turn in red a invisible unit you cannot see, when you can see the invisible unit, he return normal. This feature enable to know fast and easy if you normally can see the hero or not. Your behavior will be less suspect with that ^^ I works for fix others new features, others releases will come.
    If you have problem to found a Loader, you can use this one: http://www.securegamers.com/shadowfrench/beta/SFLoader.exe



  4. DaUberMap + Tiehack

    Upgraded for 1.22!
    I looked at a lot of other people's code for 1.21b and updated a lot of the ASM and changed some things O_o.
    View Units
    Clickable Units
    View Invisible
    Reveal Illusions
    Disable Fog of War
    Disable Minimap Fog of War
    Minimap Unit View
    View Enemy Pings
    View Actions (Units and Buildings)
    View Cooldowns (Like when a building is making a unit et cetera)
    Click Resources (view enemy resources when their building is selected)
    and Tie Hack O_o
    I assume it is very detectable as I made it as a CE trainer...
    Don't post this on other places without telling me please and don't rip it -.-'



  5. Advanced Visual Custom Kick

    Visual Custom Kick ™ / Advanced Visual Custom Kick ™ enables you, to kick players out of your Warcraft 3 games if you are host, automatically refresh your game, and more!
    Requires WINPCAP!
    READ THE MANUAL: http://xorebx.com/vck/manual.html
    Advanced Visual Custom Kick ™ was released as a beta version on 2007, as the new year 2008 began, it had already many less bugs and a big community about it. The amount of people using it is constantly increasing and, of course, it is freeware. Furthermore it is a serious project, and you don't risk getting malware onto your computer by using thousands of different tools, if you can have all in one!
    - Supports Windows Vista
    - Kick players conveniently with /vkick *Part of Playername*
    - Very fast kicking
    - No need to tray Warcraft III to kick someone
    - Doesn't need many system resources
    - Constantly updated
    - AutoUpdate functions
    - AutoUpdate on startup (if wished)
    - AutoInject when Warcraft starts
    - Loader can be minimized to tray
    - Settings are stored
    - Kicks on LAN
    - Convenient interface
    - Automatically write game modes
    - Reduce the start countdown (the red numbers 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...)
    - Reduces the latency
    - Alerts you when your game is full
    - Refreshes your game (Custom botnames, custom colors)
    - Is very easy to use and well documentated unlike other Warcraft 3 Programs
    - ... (And many more, try it yourself ! :-] )



  6. WarBlackhat

    One of the first public 1.22 MHs!
    Detection Status:
    Ladder / GameGuard / DotA-Client proof
    at 01.07.2008
    WarBlackhat is a very light maphack for
    Warcraft (Patch 1.22)
    Use the loader to inject, reveal with
    Injects at random place
    Uses random garbage memory
    Self-modifying to avoid CRC-Detection
    Doesn't alter WC3 memory
    Hides its module from WC3
    I don't take any guarantee that this doesn't
    get you banned, you use it on your own risk!
    Sheppard for his way of revealing the map



  7. MapHack

    The first working maphack for the 1.22 Warcraft III patch!
    I'm happy to announce: The first working maphack for the 1.22 Warcraft III patch! Bendik's Maphack (bMap) v1.22
    - Enjoy!
    This was made in a rush, So don't expect more than these features.
    -> Reveal Units (Minimap)
    -> Reveal Units (Mainmap)
    -> Undetected in Ladder, Custom Games, And Maybe GGClient if your lucky.
    -> Don't remember to enable "Show Healthbars" In options at Warcraft III. Then you will get healthbars too!
    -> Also i fixed the bug which have been in a few of my hacks where you drop after certain minutes of playtime!
    Tech Support:
    MSN: [email protected]
    Wc3: H4X0R
    Author: Bendik



  8. BROKEN - Hypn's MapHack

    Warcraft III 1.22 MapHackFully revealed map and mini-map, allows you to click on any and all units and buildings, as well as hear what’s going on on the screen.
    Warcraft III 1.22 MapHack
    Fully revealed map and mini-map, allows you to click on any and all units and buildings, as well as hear what’s going on on the screen.
    (probably detectable)



  9. WC3 Auto Refresh

    Automatically Refreshes Slots.
    Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (Windows) or Mono Framework (Linux)
    This package includes:
    - Warcraft III Autorefresh program
    - C# Source Code
    - General Public License (GPL) file
    - This readme file
    How To Use
    Run the executable, and ensure that the port number matches the one you are using to host a game. It is functioning correctly when you get the message "Game successfully refreshing."
    You can also customize the look of the names that Autorefresh uses by modifying the Name Options.
    A message says "Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."
    - Warcraft III is not running.
    - You are not hosting a game.
    - The port number setting does not match the port that you are hosting on.
    (Windows) A message says "The application failed to initalize properly (0xC0000135)".
    - Ensure that the .NET 1.1 Framework is properly installed. You can download it from Microsoft's website.
    (Linux/MAC) Nothing happens when the application is run.
    - Ensure that the Mono Framework is properly installed. On some distributions of Linux, you can install Mono by typing "yum install mono".



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