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Warcraft III Hacking

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Warcraft III hacks and private hacks

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  1. Warcraft III Themes

    Step 1: Run "CUSTOMBG.reg". Select the MOD paste you want, copy and paste folders "Textures" and "UI" into the "Warcraft III" directory. To uninstall remove folders, "Textures" and "UI" in the "Warcraft III" directory or/and run "UNINSTALL.reg".
    !! The next step is only for those who don't have a functioning background. !!
    Step 2: Go into the folder "passo2". Move/copy the folder "UI" into the "Warcraft III" directory and replace the files.
    - CUSTOMBG.reg: Insert one line to the game register that allow the archives in "Warcraft III" directory overrides the .mpq files
    - The background picture is located under UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\MainMenu.tga. To make your own background picture, you can simply replace this tga file with any other tga file. The picture will be stretched to fit the screen so any size will do, the higher resolution the better quality - The picture must have an alfa channel, so if you convert from .jpg just add a completely white channel called alfa
    - ABOUT "Step 2": The step 2 is necessary in certain cases because the 3D video-cards have a limit of the image size they can load.
    - The wallpapers are in widescreen 16:10 resolution (ex.: 1440x900)
    Credit goes to windblownsnow on DotAPickup.net and his guide that enabled me to do this and for his "CUSTOMBG.reg" and "Modding for Dummies.txt".
    Credit goes to the persons who made the wallpapers.
    Credit goes to Christor86 and unknows for some already made buttons!
    Thanks go to a windy, ~=ArchAngel=~, h0ok.ed e Christor86!
    Don't get lost folks,
    From Brazil, K-4-iN!
    The songs are not mine, but someone next to me, it was recorded between 1978~1980 in a portable tape recorder, so the quality isn't so good. Please check: http://www.myspace.com/everaldoeliseubarcelos



  2. kLoader

    How to start multiple wc3s - kLoader:
    Well it's a loader, that enables you to start as many warcrafts as you want.
    This is how it works :
    You type the full path to war3.exe in the config.txt file as well as any command line arguments you want to use Start W3MultipleLoader.
    It will Launch Warcraft III for you, you can run as many as you want.
    Yes the loader modifies the wc3 code but it cleans up after the game is loaded and unloads itself so it should be completely safe to use. Have fun



  3. WC3 Static Maphack v1.8

    This is a undetected basic Warcraft 3 Maphack.
    This is a WC3 maphack that works in ladder game. It is currently undetected and will stay undetected for a long time.
    It will allow you to see enemy units but will not allow you to click on them.
    To use the maphack, simple start up Warcraft 3 and click on the loader. Press F5 to turn the maphack turn them maphack on and off.
    PM me if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.



  4. WarCraft III CD Key Grabber

    Awesome CD Key Grabber for WarCraft III.
    Simply open up the file (Run as administrator for Vista or 7) then open up WarCraft III and go to Local Area Network. Then check back to the grabber and all your information should be there!



  5. warcraft3 auto refresher

    it will make it so i can more plp to join my game...



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