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  1. Renegade Angel

    Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Hello my lovelies
  2. I mean like. I am visiting this year too. Almost like you called out to me bro.

  3. Dude.... how freaky man.

    You were the last visitor on my profile and it was this year to boot.

  4. Renegade Angel

    I have officially stopped playing SC.

    I do have to agree with what Zhuinden is saying here. Ever since Beta it did kind of feel like there was actually no community to speak of. I actually got the limited edition but I grew tired of it within 2 weeks of buying it. It just didn't feel right to me. I did however beat the campaign at they very least. Still fuming over how they only sold the Terran phase first..... what a rip.
  5. Renegade Angel

    Internet issues X_x

    Also upgrade to Windows 7 or downgrade to XP when you get the chance.
  6. Renegade Angel

    Internet issues X_x

    I don't see why you need safe mode when you can just do a start up scan but to each their own right?
  7. Renegade Angel

    Internet issues X_x

    You know Viper, This happens more than people like to admit. I agree with you that his internet settings are set to connect to a proxy whilst he has none to connect to. If you still need help send me a PM or msg on MSN. I love fixing crap. Also, Vista is terrible. Exactly how old is your computer anyways?
  8. Renegade Angel

    The Penis Game

    Haha oh wow.... You guys had way too much time on your hands... Let me contribute then. The Golden Penis (The Golden Compass)
  9. Renegade Angel

    StarCraft 2 - Patch 1.2.0 is Live

    People like this.... If you are so eager for a hack then why don't you go ahead and make one? These people make hacks for the community not for you the individual. They spend their time making these hacks in their FREE time. You have to be thankful to them for even considering using their talents to make hacks. Please try to be a little more considerate for the people making the hacks. Unless you feel you can do a better job yourself then knock yourself out pal.
  10. Renegade Angel


    Z's Post is the only reason I would even buy Xbox360+Kinect. Also for groping action.... I am sorry.. Father... Mother... I am indeed a pervert. Don't judge me. :(
  11. Renegade Angel

    Starcraft 2 Debates

    I laughed heartily at Edwards trail of though. You have balls Edward, also nice trolling. That's not to say I do/don't support polygamy.
  12. Renegade Angel

    Starting a Black OPs Clan

    I am planning on starting a Block Ops clan. 8 Members Max (2 Squads for Practice Sessions.) Of course I accept everybody and anybody.... Even if you have the worst k/d in the game. Everyone starts somewhere right? I myself am not satisfied with my own k/d. I am also not satisfied with randomized teams I end up in. The only requirements are: Mic Active That's it. I would post a form to fill out but am too lazy atm so just PM me the details. PSN: Time Available: Age: Or add me on MSN/AIM w/e. That is all.
  13. Renegade Angel

    Once upon a time

    Cripp my dear friend. I am good as always and yourself? How are the youngin'? hehe Sorry Speedskater I am forgetful after all. Most of these people have been good friends for a long time. Some of them even before GC existed. I hope we can be friends.
  14. Renegade Angel

    Impossible to buy

    I used the know the password a long time ago. Sorry I can't remember anymore. If I remember anything I will let you know.