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    Snipers Bald Locks on Starcraft: Broodwar<br />Guitar<br />Mapping on Starcraft: Broodwar<br />Super Mario Galaxy<br />Skateboarding

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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Cool, cool. But its straight, I found a good PS1 emulator/ISO's for it and it works brilliantly :(
  3. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Because I plan to download it at college on a public PC and stick it on my flash drive, so I cannot dl it via torrent. ( Z, did you make your sig? Either way, sick one man )
  4. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Yeah, I found roms but I was looking for the PC version.. runs much smoother :)
  5. Damein

    AIM screen name?

    EngelEnttauschen :) On there during work, so hit me up if you wanna chat about anything.
  6. Damein

    Good SNES games?

    Toe Jam & Earl FTW!
  7. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Does anyone know a download site for the PC version that isn't a torrent? Thanks :)
  8. Ah, okay. Was just for my own interest :P Thanks.
  9. D-Win still works, but I use ChaosLauncher for window mode :P But no, its not that it was a hack that displayed the map in a completely separate window
  10. Well... I don't know how else to explain besides what it is.. It's a maphack designed to use with window mode that creates a second window and shows the map revealed.
  11. I saw this awhile back but I can't seem to find it now.. Anyone know where its located?
  12. Damein

    SOTW Theme ideas

    I think sports should be a theme, by that I mean basketball :P
  13. Damein

    Little Map-Making Program I made

    Haha, I was just kidding Viper, and Ghozt, that'd be sweet.. but I'd have to find time to do it xD Also, if you're a mapper, can you think of what you would like?
  14. Damein

    Little Map-Making Program I made

    I could do that.. if you're actually interested in that I'll do it for ya :) For a small price of VIP membership that is! :thumbsup:
  15. Damein

    Little Map-Making Program I made

    Because a lot of mappers like to create triggers in word document so they can copy/paste quicker and its easier for some to trigger this way due to them being use to programming so their ability to read text is better than most.