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  1. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Cool, cool. But its straight, I found a good PS1 emulator/ISO's for it and it works brilliantly :(
  2. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Does anyone know a download site for the PC version that isn't a torrent? Thanks :)
  3. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Because I plan to download it at college on a public PC and stick it on my flash drive, so I cannot dl it via torrent. ( Z, did you make your sig? Either way, sick one man )
  4. Damein

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Yeah, I found roms but I was looking for the PC version.. runs much smoother :)
  5. Damein

    AIM screen name?

    EngelEnttauschen :) On there during work, so hit me up if you wanna chat about anything.
  6. Damein

    Good SNES games?

    Toe Jam & Earl FTW!
  7. Ah, okay. Was just for my own interest :P Thanks.
  8. I saw this awhile back but I can't seem to find it now.. Anyone know where its located?
  9. D-Win still works, but I use ChaosLauncher for window mode :P But no, its not that it was a hack that displayed the map in a completely separate window
  10. Well... I don't know how else to explain besides what it is.. It's a maphack designed to use with window mode that creates a second window and shows the map revealed.
  11. Damein

    SOTW Theme ideas

    I think sports should be a theme, by that I mean basketball :P
  12. Dunno if there are any serious mappers here, but heres a little program I wrote when I was still mapping a lot. Condition Creator It's a small program that is used to create triggers via a text document, for people who like to map that way (me) You choose a condition and then input some data and then it saves your data to the clipboard and you just paste it to your text document. For example: If you choose from the drop-down-list: Bring At Least It will first ask you: Which player(s) is this for? (For this example lets say you put in "Player 1") Followed by: Which unit? (For this example lets say you put in "Terran Marine") Followed by: What location? (For this example lets say you put in "Anywhere") Followed by: How many units? (For this example lets say you put in 4") It will then copy this to your clipboard: Bring("Player 1", "Terran Marine", "Anywhere", At least, 4); Let me know if anyone uses it/your thoughts :)
  13. Damein

    Little Map-Making Program I made

    Haha, I was just kidding Viper, and Ghozt, that'd be sweet.. but I'd have to find time to do it xD Also, if you're a mapper, can you think of what you would like?
  14. Damein

    Little Map-Making Program I made

    I could do that.. if you're actually interested in that I'll do it for ya :) For a small price of VIP membership that is! :thumbsup:
  15. Damein

    Little Map-Making Program I made

    Because a lot of mappers like to create triggers in word document so they can copy/paste quicker and its easier for some to trigger this way due to them being use to programming so their ability to read text is better than most.
  16. Damein

    SOTW #20

    Two things: One, are the dates correct...? Just curious why it says '09 :) Secondly, I guess I need to go make some posts.. don't have 50 posts xD
  17. Damein

    Yooo, new SOTW?

    Can I host a SOTW, or the GFX mods? I'm starting out making some sigs and want to have some motivation :D
  18. Damein

    SOTW Theme ideas

    Gamming is a pretty wide but would yield a lot of interest and interesting things :D Space could be interesting, but difficult. Music would be good, a lot of things to do in that topic That's all I can think of :)
  19. Damein

    Couple new sigs

    Been learning how to use C4D's/Focal work. Let me know whatcha think :(
  20. Damein

    Music Suggestions

    Here are some of my current songs I listen to, theres of mix of styles. Not a lot are "unique" but they are certainly good :) Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say Owl City - Fireflies Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding (Acousting Version) Video Link Creed - Overcome Atreyu - Bleeding Mascara Atreyu - Right Side Of The Bed Video Link Breaking Benjamin - Diary Of Jane Disturbed - Land Of Confusion Eminem - MOSH FlyLeaf - All Around Me Nickelback - Next Contestant Video Link Mudvayne - Fall Into Sleep Video Link Those are just some of the songs on my current iPod's playlist, many more if you want to know :P
  21. Damein

    Ghoztcraft's Banners

    Who creates them? You guys have such an extensive banner collection and all are so professional, I would love to be able to see some tutorial's from the creator of some (or all of them)
  22. Damein

    Very detailed spiderman tutorial

    Is this tutorial available anywhere else?
  23. Damein

    2nd tut Clown World

    Do you still have this tutorial?
  24. Damein

    Where'd You Hear About Us?

    From B.net, someone spamming the name to download hacks from :)
  25. Damein


    Here's a couple of mine I did awhile back ago that I saved :) You: وأنا لتفجير مبان You: ? You: ? Stranger: hi You: unedrstand? You: ? You: ? Stranger: yes You: مني الإرهابي Stranger: no, actually not You: أنت You: ... You: you lie You: all you merican do You: tht why i do wht i doz Stranger: i'm not american You: blw buldings You: kill You: stupids You: أنت You: أنت You: أنت Stranger: i'm not american You: Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You: you all die I said: I blow up buildings, terrorist and bomb I think it was? You: Allo. Stranger: hi You: Whatchu up to? Stranger: bye Stranger: hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaah You: Baby bye-bye-bye. Stranger: bye Stranger: bye You: Baby hit me one more time. Stranger: ewwwwwwwwww Stranger: ur gay You: And you sir, are extremely bald. Stranger: STALKER Stranger: STALKER Stranger: STALKER Stranger: STALKER Stranger: STALKER Stranger: STALKER You: Up in the hizouse. Stranger: dry You: wet? Stranger: and you have a house???? You: Nope, I'm living under yours. You: stealin' your wifi bizatch. Stranger: im actaully a 13 yr old girl sir Stranger: haha You: I'm a 20 yr old male, if you do not wish to speak to me please exit the conversation in the upper right hand corner of the web page. Stranger: ur gay You: I am infact not, why do persist with that claim? Stranger: ur gay You: Why do you persist a futile and pomperous notion? Stranger: ur fucked up dude You: This is a crazy and ill-advised comment coming from someone willingly participating in this conversation. Stranger: ur still gay Your conversational partner has disconnected. You: Bankai! Stranger: hi You: Do you... You: ban..kai? Stranger: yes You: what level is your... You: rietsu Stranger: what`s that mean? You: do you mean to tell me you do not indeed BANKAI!? Your conversational partner has disconnected. You: Bankai! Stranger: Fuck you nigger You: Say what? You: My rietsu is mighty You: You can't touch this. You: nu-nu-nu-nu You: Nu You: nu You: nu na! You: Can't thouch this Stranger: What? You fucking duels. Your conversational partner has disconnected. And in this one I got completely owned :( You: I'm mentally handicapped Stranger: no you aren't You: Don't understand things like that :( Stranger: I'm a let you finish You: Sure I am, just look at me try to say hello You: fuwejsd Stranger: but forest gump was one of the best retards evar Stranger: EVAAAAAAAAAAAARRR