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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and have time for games
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    NukeBlitz [Nuke Anywhere]



    NukeBlitz.dll v1.0.3 StarCraft:Brood War Made by Jiggie Nuke Anywhere 1.16.1 ----------------------------------------- Nuke Anywhere: Does exactly what you think, and let's you nuke from anywhere to anywhere, accross the map. Now, that being said it functions slightly different than the other versions released by the other authors. First you obviously need a ghost and a nuke built in a silo somewhere. You don't need to actually select anything - they just have to exist on the map. Hold down the CTRL and right click where you want to nuke. Detection: I included a detector, so if somebody else uses this hack on the map you'll be notified. Nuke Control: The old ghetto version from back in the day that let's you select the nuke and move it as if it were a super-fast-flying-unit-without-vision. Tell your ghost to nuke a nearby spot. When the nuke starts to lift from your silo press HOME, and the nuke is now selected. Right click to interrupt the nuking process. You can now move it around. Hoorah. While the nuke is selected, Ctrl+right click to launch. ----------------------------------------- Fixes: v1.0.0 - Initial release. v1.0.1 - Fixed tiny bug that could have caused you to desync. v1.0.2 - Fixed the crash that occured randomly on occasion. v1.0.3 - Fixed compatibility issue with Oblivion.dll. - Fixed bug where you could have lost your selections. - Fixed bug causing nukes to slide to top left corner when nuking. ----------------------------------------- Credits: Jiggie - cooked up the dll. Frost - helped. Heinermann - helped with crash bug. Hellinsect - helped with crash bug too.
  3. Major Zhuinden

    To whom it may concern

    I'm sorry to read that. I wish we could have helped more somehow.
  4. Major Zhuinden

    Happy Holidays from Ghoztcraft!

    Indeed, it has been a surprisingly long amount of time. Even I've graduated Bachelors of Science in computer science and have started working as a Java EE (Spring Framework) / Android dev at some smaller firm. What's up with that, me being a working man? Never would have imagined :D I still play Starcraft 2 from time to time, but I never got past Gold. It's quite disappointing, actually, but that's okay. Happy holidays to all :D p.s.: I miss the Army System and the market, that was the best. p.p.s.: I wonder why I have so many negative points, haha. Oh well.
  5. Major Zhuinden

    Spell Matrix F3

    File Name: Spell Matrix F3 File Submitter: Major Zhuinden File Submitted: 27 Aug 2014 File Category: 1.16.1 Author: Antihaxer Version: 1.0.0 Spell matrix hack created by Antihaxer Hotkey: F3 Click here to download this file
  6. Major Zhuinden

    Spell Matrix F3

    Version v1.0.0


    Spell matrix hack created by Antihaxer Hotkey: F3
  7. Major Zhuinden

    Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon?

    Have you seen it? What did you think? I've seen it twice, and I don't think it was half bad. In fact, it was quite epic, despite how the intentions of Sentinel Prime weren't all that clear.
  8. Major Zhuinden

    Does anyone have "Spell Matrix F3" ?

    I lost my D:\ partition the other day, and apparently the only cool thing that I lost was the F3-hotkeyed Spell Matrix hack for 1.16.1. Gamethreat has a post about it in the Outdated Downloads section, but the Attachment no longer exists. Does anyone have it by accident?
  9. Starcraft Map Cracker (SMC) v2.77 Version: 2.7.7 Author: -- Category: StarEdit Screenshot: Description: A chinese map unprotector designed to unprotect anything, even CMP Debugger v1.74 and Special Protector 3 v1.1.1! Download The File Submitted by Major Zhuinden, on Mar 21 2010, 12:00 PM
  10. Major Zhuinden

    [Biography] Perma's Fail

    Perma is awesome! Welcome back to the online world :D Yeah, we did get fed up with his shit a while after and did not regret banning him ever since.
  11. Major Zhuinden

    What is Happening?!?!?

    Lol, I don't even know you because we never talked on the forums or anything. I just see you posting from time to time. i am teh magic bitch og gc nigga Hey, you're back! I thought you were gone forever. The only thing I clearly remember is people baking cakes in your name. I don't remember why.
  12. Major Zhuinden

    I havent been here for a while

    Man, we're aging quite fast. Welcome back, it's always nice to visit every once in a while.
  13. Major Zhuinden

    Terriara BunnyMaTron

    ...I'm confused, what does this do?
  14. Major Zhuinden


    I remember your name, welcome back I guess :D
  15. Major Zhuinden

    Anyone disapointed with Diablo 3?

    That's interesting, I've heard the exact opposite, meaning that the maps are always different and you can't be sure where you're going or what you'll run into.
  16. Major Zhuinden

    The moose have attacked

  17. Major Zhuinden

    Hellooooo from the Great Beyond!

    I ain't no whackjob, I'm a walrus! Rawr.
  18. Major Zhuinden

    Crazy Kids Drinking Hand Sanitizer

    I guess this is natural selection at work.
  19. Major Zhuinden

    Hellooooo from the Great Beyond!

    Hey, we've had girls on this forum before, what's with the commotion? Though with the ridiculous amount of sexuality in the introduction post, I'm sort of wary - I mean, anime_Freak used to say he's a girl as well! When it comes down to facts and users, genders don't really matter though, so I personally won't bother to think about much myself. Anyways, welcome to the forums!
  20. Major Zhuinden

    Well, this is sort of sad.

    News flash! Is it just me, or some people in the world are even more retarded than we can imagine?
  21. Major Zhuinden

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Well if it weren't so damn expensive to pay for an MMORPG of this sort (60$ + monthly fee), I probably would be playing this. Though as far as I've heard, it's almost more of a MSORPG (S for single-player), considering it has a great story (multiple at that), but the team content is lacking, and same goes for content after you reach level 50. It is a Bioware game though, so the story is neat. Especially because every class gets a different one. But according to what I've heard, it can't be bad, just not as polished as WoW.
  22. Major Zhuinden

    Lobby Crash v1.0.0

    Lobby Crash v1.0.0 Version: 1.0.0 Author: -- Category: 1.16.1 Screenshot: Description: This is a new Lobby Crash Hack by Allah. Hotkey is Insert - use it in a Lobby, and crash all players within! .____ ___. ___. _________ .__ | | _____ |___ |__ ___.__. _ ___ ____________ _____| |__ | | / _ | __ | __ < | | / /_ __ __ / ___/ | | |__( <_> ) _ _ ___ | ____| | // __ ____ | Y |_______ ____/|___ /___ / ____| ______ /|__| (____ /____ >___| / / / // / / / / ___ ___ __ / | _____ ____ | | __ / ~ __ _/ ___| |/ / Y // __ ___| < ___|_ /(____ /___ >__|_ / / / / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced by : Allah and Jiggie Starcraft Broodwar 1.16.1 Version 1.0.0 Reason for release: I warned Zynastor to not make/release protection. http://www.gamethreat.net/forums/starcraft...html#post741118 Usage: Just inject and in the lobby press Insert Download The File Submitted by Major Zhuinden, on May 1 2010, 11:45 PM
  23. Major Zhuinden

    Mass Effect: Deception (the new Novel)

    Mass Effect: Deception is the latest, fourth part of the series. Written by William C. Dietz, and not the original author of the other 3 novels. I could write long segments about it to describe what it is supposed to be about, but it's easier if I just say, the only "Deception" in the book is trying to sell it as a solid, worthwhile addition to the ME franchise. It's not. http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/323/index/9070774/71#9096871 This thread from Bioware Social Network is 60+ pages describing all possible things with quotations and facts from the book that are just plain wrong about it. A great example is how Kai Leng, supposedly a top-tier Cerberus agent and an important antagonist of the book, breaks into the house of the protagonist, and as "he is an adrenaline junkie", he eats a bowl of cereal. I'm not kidding. So in case you were cheering for the book, don't. Mass Effect 3 will hopefully bury the holes this novel has unearthed, but that is merely in the future to come.
  24. Major Zhuinden

    Mass Effect: Deception (the new Novel)

    I figured I'd sway people away from it before it mocks the ME universe and not just itself. :P Also,
  25. Major Zhuinden

    Lazy people, or no trust?

    I think people are busy having their lives going on during the celebrations and all. It's new year, apparently.