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  1. Aloani

    Just wanted to say...

    Maybe. :blush2: congrats bro but remember you cant help your daughter grow if you dont have a job so first you have to finish school to get a great job so you can provide anything for your family. good luck :biggrin:
  2. Aloani

    Plugin Request

    guys screw irc just get mumble lol guys screw mumble just get raidcall lol yea get raidcall if you want to wake up the neighbors lol
  3. Aloani

    Just wanted to say...

    Lol No I've got a dick. ;) she got a dick o.o???
  4. Aloani

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    chuck norris doesnt swim water just wants to be around him
  5. you can still get it online

  6. Aloani

    Check out my Tits!

    well im pissed cuz when i came back i didnt get as big of a welcome and im much cooler
  7. Ska

    Just looked it up they are banned in Kansas.

  8. Ska

    I think they are illegal in Kansas too but I'm not sure. They are illegal because they were being sold purely as energy drinks and they were selling alcohol to minors and the guarana masked the effect of the alcohol so people didn't realize how much they've had and they died from drinking them. lol

  9. yes but its illegal in my state now

  10. Ska

    Holy shit have you ever had a Loko Four? Mind fucking blowing! Yee yee!!!

  11. Aloani


    this topic was posted june 20th. like a month and a half ago so relax plus we can always roll back
  12. Aloani

    Plugin Request

    guys screw irc just get mumble lol
  13. Aloani

    Plugin Request

    dont bother waiting.
  14. Aloani

    NEW POLICY - Damage hacks not permitted.

    shhh it was posioned
  15. it really has a market right now and if you get a cracked vanilla server you will have donations rolling in. there a lot of websites that are only running on donations and they are getting plenty enough to be able to run the servers just off of donations. example eminentcraft.enjin.com they are doing really well. just an idea but its completely your choice. btw here is a cracked version of 1.2.5 but you can only join cracked servers. http://www.mediafire.com/?7iih0j7r7z5wrp2 install then it will take you to a website but just exit out of the website its just confirming the installation. then just run the minecraft shortcut and it will ask you for your nickname which is the name that will be displayed on the servers. it will then ask you for your minecraft login info ignore that and click login it will ask you to play offline or retry. click play offline and there you go enjoy guys!!