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  1. ZeroFrost

    Free Starcraft Cd Keys

    I think I spit a little of my Monster Nitrous out. You sir deserve 1 free interwebs.
  2. ZeroFrost

    Sc2 tournament Discussion

    There were prizes mentioned and there will be prizes depending on the number of people participating .
  3. Just took 3 sleep aid. Hello blissful nothingness X-D

  4. ZeroFrost

    SC2 Multiplayer Strategies

    By cheese I assume you mean equal to Terran and Protoss? If so I agree.
  5. ZeroFrost

    SC2 Multiplayer Strategies

    Zergling rush ( Yes Speed IS CRUCIAL) Drones until 10 10 - Extractor (put three Drones on when it finishes) 9 - Drone 10 - Spawning Pool 9 - Overlord 10 - Drone (use him to scout) 11, 12 - Drones 13 - Zergling Speed upgrade (the Pool should finish around now, and this upgrade is CRUCIAL to the rush) 13 - Queen 14, 15, 16 - Zerglings 16 - Overlord This is the build order I most commonly use. Its purpose is to put the Zerg player at an economic advantage early on. 9 - Overlord 10 - Drone (scout) 15 - Spawning Pool 16 - Drone (rally him to your natural expansion, and build a Hatchery when you can afford it) 16 - Extractor 17 - Hatchery (^^ this Drone) 17 - Overlord After this phase into what ever you do for your midgame. ( counter what ever you've scouted so far. ) Credits to whoever started these kinds of builds.
  6. ZeroFrost

    StarCraft II Friend Codes

    Well I was kinda active in the background for a while then I joined the army and I've been gone for a while.. I just got back home a few days before star craft 2 came out. I was quite excited. How have you been speed? I've not seen you on aim in like a year?<br>
  7. ZeroFrost

    StarCraft II Friend Codes

    I don't chat much but i've chatted with all of you at one point or another. Zero -- 1768
  8. ZeroFrost

    Ghoztcraft get's a TF2 and L4D Server!

    Sorry about that guys, I forgot to tell Ghozt that the server adress and such was changed. I will talk to him tonight and give him all the updated Information. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
  9. ZeroFrost

    Can I has recon?

  10. ZeroFrost

    New Year's Post Contest!?

    You winning also gets you a boost to next months competition. The winner of that competition will receive a 25$ Internet perches.
  11. ZeroFrost

    New Year's Post Contest!?

    Give me a day or so to get back into the house and I will pm you the code. If you have steam, Pm me your steam name and I'll send it directly.
  12. ZeroFrost

    New Year's Post Contest!?

    I went into the hospital for a short while. I am back now and Zar was the winner with sum odd 190 posts. More information will be given for the next contest when the time comes. Congrats to Zar for his win.
  13. ZeroFrost

    New Year's Post Contest!?

    Sorry it took me so long to get on guys, I was not feeling well. The game has begun and good luck to everyone. You can report spam too the admins or ( if you want to make sure 100% that it is counted for your points, Pm the post/link it too me or one of the ZW's team. )