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  1. Modpack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266011514 IP: This is my custom server for my work-friends, but I'm going to make it public regardless. For a note about the low XP rates. I've tried to get them balanced, but some mod does weird shit with player levels and you start leveling faster after a point, so I've err'd on the side of caution. Will increase if it's too grindy. Mod IDs: - This is mostly a self reminder for the server setup. 538986229,1113088471,731604991,670764308,889745138,942185438,764755314,764755314,754885087,569786012,924933745,784917362,893834064,516096294,793605978,920996170,859198322 Mod List Annunaki Genesis Party of Six Structures Plus EcoTrees Awesome Teleporters! Unlock Haircuts and Emotes Castle, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture More Narcotics & Tranq-Arrows Combined Meat Spoiler Dino Tracker StacksOnly Wooden Hanging Bridge Perfect Hair Forever Super Spyglass Magic Mask Craftable Element Config Changes Map - Ragnarok XP - x1 Passive XP - x4 (x4 Total) - Faster start and shoulder dino leveling Kill XP - x2 (x2 Total) - Level Dinos faster Harvest XP - x2 (x2 Total) Crafting XP - x2 (x2 Total) Harvest - x4 Taming - x10 Downloads - All Downloads disabled (Player/Item/Dino) Uploads - All Uploads are allowed Night Speed - 5 - Night sucks, it's shorter. Cave Building - Enabled. Any reported Cave blocking will be Admin-Destroyed. Food/Water Drain - 0.6 - 40% slower drain HP Regen Multiplier - 3 - Dino and Player Player Resist - 0.8 - 20% less damage taken Dino Food Drain - x2 - Dinos eat twice as often, faster taming Egg Speed - 0.5 - Dinos lay eggs twice as often Egg Hatch Speed - 60 - Eggs hatch 60 times faster Mating Multi - 0.3 - Dinos can mate 3 times as often Baby Mature Speed - 50 - Baby dinos grow 50 times faster Crate/Fishing Multi - 2 - Crate and fishing loo quality increased Fuel Consumption - 0.75 - Fuel is used 25% slower -Enabled- Cave Flying 3rd Person Crosshair Gamma Changing Map Position RPG Damage Text Non-Permanent Disease Corpse Locator No Structure Collision Friendly Fire Level-Up Multipliers -Players- Health - 2 - 20 per Point Stamina - 2 - 20 per Point Oxygen - 1 - 20 per Point Food/Water - 2.5 - 25 per Point Weight - 1 - 25 per Point Melee - 2 - 10% per Point Speed - 1.666666667 - 2.5% per Point Crafting - 2 - Not entirely sure, I think it's 10%, but it may be 20%. Fortitude - 5 - 10 per Point -Dinos- Health - 1.3 Stamina - 1.3 Weight - 2 Melee - 1.3 Speed - 1.2 Other Notes Rock Drakes - I may spawn in Rock Drake eggs and saddles for some tribes, however I will never spawn in a pre-hatched Drake. This is the only dino I might do this for.
  2. HG-Bounder-X

    Merry Christmas!

    Lurking in the shoutbox of course.
  3. HG-Bounder-X

    Ghoztcraft ARK Server Online

    I connected without issue Will play on it a bit. I assume all of the rates are default (ie. slow af)? Also, Abberation, the newest Map/DLC comes out on the 12th, should change map to that when it comes out. EDIT: After playing for a bit, it does feel like Gathering, and XP are fairly low but higher than default. Taming feels like it's faster than default, but that could just be because they're low levels because of difficulty. Most noticeable thing is that the difficulty isn't maxed out, I'm pretty sure, which just translates to max wild dino level, but no reason not to max it.
  4. hey did u get my message concerning team micro arena?

  5. HG-Bounder-X

    We want GIF Avatars

    My Avatar says hello.
  6. HG-Bounder-X

    Where Plutomic has been.

    Close, close, but I am working at WalMart as Overnight Stocker...my dream job for all of Senior year. Not to shabby honestly.
  7. HG-Bounder-X

    Where Plutomic has been.

    Hrm, who;s Plutomic again? Nevar heard of him!
  8. HG-Bounder-X


    Best game I'm seen in forever :o I totally plan to get it once it come out regardless of whether my comp can run it.
  9. you seem to like rainbow dash

  10. HG-Bounder-X


    https://www.facebook.com/zach.gray.5095 I am the Squis.
  11. HG-Bounder-X

    The wheatiest' of thins.

    I would, if I didn't hate both wheat thins and buffalo flavor :<
  12. HG-Bounder-X

    Thinking of a Tattoo

    I might, could take a while though. Depending if my Grandma buys it for Christmas and if I ever get off my ass to do it myself, should she not.
  13. HG-Bounder-X

    Thinking of a Tattoo

    Can't change my mind. If I actually go get a tattoo, it's gonna be this, regardless. It does hold a meaning to me, just not something I can put into words. Though if I had to guess, probably something relating to my childhood. Especially considering all the cartoons I grew up with had 'ugly' characters.
  14. HG-Bounder-X

    Thinking of a Tattoo

    Because if it's not hidden I'll get fired? Walmart does not allow visible tattoos. Not to mention all the fags that would be calling me gay like half the people in this thread :l