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Uberforces Enemy Territory Contest

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Uberforces Enemy Territory Contest


When: 1/19/2008-1/20/2008

Where: Uberforces Gaming Server

What: Enemy Territory Gaming Contest

Who: This contest is available to anyone who scores more than 1000 pts. And is registered in the Uberforces Forums.

Description: Uberforces.com and the Uberforces Enemy Territory Game Server are putting together a contest open to the public. We will be running the contest over the two day weekend (Sat + Sun) and the player with the highest experience (over 1000 pts minimum) will win a copy of Bioshock for PC. Stats will be tracked on Uberforces.com. In order to compete for the contest you will be required to register on the Uberforces.com Forum under the same name that you use in game.


The Uberforces clan is recruiting and are always looking for new members on their forum and game server. Hope to see you online.




Uberforces Forums



In order to play, please install the following in this order:




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