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Version: 0.1

Author: --

Category: 1.12a





Steal npcs from town!

Install instructions:

- move NPCMove.dll and NPCMove.ini in your plugin folder



- config your NPCMove.ini (keycodes)

- click on a npc to open the menu (just talk to them)

- press BindKey to bind a npc to you (default NUMPAD_DIVIDE)

- press PullKey to make the npc follow you (or to quit following) (default NUMPAD_MULTIPLY)

- press InteractKey to talk to your NPC (you need to be close to him) (default NUMPAD_ADD)

- press LockKey to disable your hotkeys (default NUMPAD_SUBTRACT)



- when binding a new npc the old one will be unbound

- you should always have the NPC on screen before making him following you otherwise you may get t/o




- sheppard & lord2800 (i love you )


Download The File


Submitted by TheRing, on Mar 15 2009, 10:56 AM

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