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Shining in the Darkness!

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Well guys, heres another one of my guides. I hope that you like it.

Here is some of the intro to my guide, hopefully giving a little backround about the game for those of you who haven't played it. It is a very good game, I hope that you check it out!


You will appear in the throne room, standing before King Drake and his

advisors. The nameless Minister (a trend in Shining games, it seems)

introduces you to the King. It seems you have volunteered to find the missing

Princess Jessa, since your father, Mortred, was safeguarding the Princess when

both of them vanished. The King asks Tristan what his opinion of you is, and

Tristan answers that you are skilled in battle, second only to your father in

swordplay. Impressed by Tristan's words, the King tells you to begin searching

for the Princess. The Minister then gives you 200 Gold pieces, tells you to

buy yourself some equipment in town, and then return to see the King.


And thus, the game takes you to the World Map and gives you control. You'll

notice that there are three locations: a blue keep-looking building to the

left, the Castle (currently flashing) in the upper right corner, and a town in

the lower right corner. Press down and highlight the town, then press A or C

to enter it.


The town is one big square, shown in a first person view. Press left and right

to select a building (its name will appear in large white letters) and use the

A or C button to enter it. If you scroll in a single direction long enough,

you'll wrap around the town and end up back where you started. Here's a quick

overview, starting with the town entrance and working to the right:





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