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  1. Jimmyy

    Minerall hack Zerg

  2. Jimmyy

    StarCraft® Remastered is here!

    i take it, its out?
  3. Jimmyy

    Official Discord

  4. Jimmyy

    Starcraft Brood War Patch 1.18

    has it killed all the ha**s?
  5. Jimmyy

    Emblem/Avatar , Siggy

    should be there by now.
  6. Jimmyy

    Portrait Unlocker (Choose your Race!)

    yes needs a fix
  7. Jimmyy

    Ghoztcraft Hits the 10 Million Milestone

    newer relevant content would bring that up. We need content. Such as new hacks that are worth using !
  8. Jimmyy

    Starcraft Remastered

    yes much better but we need new Hacks for this game.. agent god.. where ye be? .love to have stack hack..i know it could happen again if someone cared to really do it
  9. Jimmyy

    We want GIF Avatars

    we need 8k monitors with Gsync !
  10. Jimmyy

    Ghoztcraft Hits the 10 Million Milestone

    Last I checked it was around 8-10k uniques and 250k-400k hits. Am surprised it's still that high, haha yup big numbers but not activity..
  11. Jimmyy

    Old Games

    well its official for supposed release of 2017 Starcraft Broodwars Remastered for 4k lcd and or tv
  12. Jimmyy

    I'm Really New To The Gaming Scene!

    blah no response, most folks have gone their ways.. we don't have enough hackers willing to hack the games.. SC 1/SC broodwars, SC 2
  13. Jimmyy

    We want GIF Avatars

    need higher resolution gif's