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Starcraft Hacks and Bots

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  1. Snipers Assist (Un-detectable, un-patchable)

    Since this is a program that doesn't alter Starcraft's memory in any way, it is un-detectable. It is also allows you to customize it.
    Unlike the other versions, where you had to have your gamma setting on one specific spot, you can have it on any setting in this version.
    You can also choose your hotkey that you wish to enable the SA with.
    For example: I use the hotkey ` because I keep my left hand positioned around that area by default, so I don't have to change me position.
    As a side-note, this program can be used for any game that requires you to click on a specific color, all you would have to do is set the colors in the .ini file to the color you want!
    Leave some comments if you like it :)
    Just keep the two files; SA.exe and Colors.ini in the same folder.
    Run the SA.exe and set your hotkey.
    You MUST set a hotkey, or it will not work.
    After running the program and setting your hotkey, go into Starcraft and press the "a" key and then the hotkey (In my example, the ` key) and then move your mouse over the sniper.



  2. Minerall hack Zerg

    Programmed by Jiggie
    Exploits by Dew
    Program the other exploits for different races. Find them. Make them. I'm not
    supporting this hack or anyone trying to find the other exploits along with this hack.
    Figure it out.
    Jiggie + The command engine:
    /of - Finds the nearest drone on to the left of the map, starts to exploit
    /c - Use this to gain money when you build something
    END - Use this for createing unlimited drones (/c works excellent but it is to many drones)
    Mineral hack. Type /of, drone starts to burrow. When the timer reaches "2" build any unit (with gas or without) then
    when Commands are lock appears. Type /c on the building unit and you get gas/minerals back instantly unlimited. Before
    the egg is almost done cancel it. *Same with refund/unlimited drones on zerg except build a extractor*
    Then everyone print a e-thug picture of MA[Night] and throw darts at it ;o.
    Exploits Commands:
    /of!= Finds the nearest BLANK of the top left map, and starts to do mineral hack shiz.
    /c!= Use this to do the mineral hack on the BLANK. (Cancels the egg 100 times x 1000 minerals/gas instantly)
    /nuke!= Select a BLANK, than nuke, you can either get invincible ghosts, or nuke stuck ( you can use this for terran mineral/gas hack too)
    /start (lobby) != Force game to start even when people is still downloading the map. (Must be host)
    /gcrash (lobby) != Game list crash hack
    -Updated v1.0.1
    Fixed the injection error for some people
    -Updated v1.0.2
    Able the hack to work.



  3. CDKeyBuddy

    Start starcraft and press the "Get Key" button to retrieve cdkey information.



  4. nInjector

    This is a simple injector made for starcraft.
    How to use:

    Place the injector in a folder with the DLLs you'd like to load
    Start the injector
    Start starcraft and log into battle.net (optional)
    press the inject button
    All DLLs will be loaded into starcraft. If starcraft isn't open it is started up and then the DLLs are loaded
    Quit out of the injector; if the injector started starcraft it won't finish starting until after you quit out.

    note: certain DLLs may fail to load if sc isn't already booted
    Also it is recommended you start starcraft before injecting if you want to use something such as window mode or DLLs that don't bypass lockdown
    Requires Windows 2000 or later.



  5. Resolution Expander - 5.1

    This will allow you to play starcraft at high resolutions.



  6. Starcraft Fake KeyGen

    Want to scam someone?... Why not use this nice little program to do the dirty work.
    Have you ever wanted to scam someone for $$ or even for a different key? Well there are many people on starcraft these days asking for a key... and you can be that person to scam the F out them... excuse me lang...
    Program is written in Bat format and can be easily de-compile...
    It also comes with a cd key changer if you would like to test it out to see if it does work...
    I wrote this in about 15 minutes... so enjoy scamming
    Scanned with AVG...
    and it had no virus but you can scan if you like...



  7. New Lag Fixer

    Reduces the CPU Usage and Overall Speeds up Performance! Helps Alot
    Reduces the CPU Usage and Overall Speeds up Performance! Helps Alot



  8. StarCraft Maps

    Sc Downloads! (H)
    Sc Downloads! (H)



  9. Starspeak v1.0.4

    Allows you to type "/r" in-game to respond to the last person who sent you a whisper.
    * Displays a dialog box while you're typing that shows the last ten messages that were displayed. This works similarly to the chat queue in Diablo II. The dialog box hides itself while you're not typing, so it doesn't clutter your game space!
    * Allows you to type "/r" in-game to respond to the last person who sent you a whisper, for those times when you don't have the time or patience to type out their username.
    This download is bundled with Zynastor's LiTRiM loader for Starcraft, however, you are not obligated to use it and can use any DLL loader that you wish.



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