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  1. Hey Jiggie! How have things been?

  2. POPLY! Are you alive?

  3. Poply

    Ghoztcraft Gaming Servers

    I'd be up for a SC1 server but it might be unnecessary with the recent talk of an HD rerelease.
  4. Poply

    Happy Holidays from Ghoztcraft!

    It's been awhile. Some good times and some bad times since my departure. Glad to see many people are doing well though. It's a good time to learn since they just released Android Studio 1.0. I've been meaning to get into it as well. Just been poking around with it lately.
  5. Poply

    Ghoztcraft aquires "ghoztcraft.com"

    Awesome news for Ghoztcraft. I don't think I ever heard the story about the Ghoztcraft.com domain name.
  6. And apparently you can't receive any new PMs. Clear out your inbox...

  7. Poply

    What kind of car should I get?

    Photo of my car a couple months ago. Decided to not put any money into it, and instead save for a newer car.
  8. Poply


    Stay Safe
  9. Poply


    Where did all these new posters come from?!
  10. Poply

    Job Applications thread (Don't use this)

    Explain to me what this is?...
  11. Poply

    What kind of car should I get?

    I'll post some pics later. I gotta fix some stuff on it first. Xthar: Haven't we gone through this half a dozen times? Anyways, nice to talk to you again. =p
  12. Poply

    What kind of car should I get?

    I went with a 2000 Toyota Celica by the way. Incase anyone was still wondering...
  13. Poply

    What kind of car should I get?

    Lmao! I think I can do better than that.
  14. Poply

    What kind of car should I get?

    Potential cars so far: Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Hyundai Tiburon.
  15. Poply

    What kind of car should I get?

    Well that looks like a great car, but it is definitely out of my price range.