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Sorry for such a delayed post, but I was waiting for the others who claimed they were going to participate.


So here are the two images.











Post who you are voting for, and why.


No poll, so post!

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I feel biased in my vote but it does go for R2K, although both pieces are great and sexy.


Zar's is good in almost every way with very clean work as usual, but R2K's has a nice flow and a good abstract feel to it which I always have loved.

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I'm voting for R2K's because I am quite a fan of abstract design and that just hits home. It's beautiful and flows nicely with good lighting. I like Zar's, but I feel the background is lacking just a little. They were pretty evenly matched but my love of abstract design won over. My vote goes to R2K. :)

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Geez.. this one is pretty tough by comparing Pros and Cons. Lets tally up shall we?




Color Scheme: 8 --- Masterful. Working with the figure to blend to the shades of the background must have taken some deal of work and it really shows. Its not perfect but works out great.


Lighting: 5 --- Sorry to say but when it comes to lighting it was poorly done. Especially with the Render, makes flow off-balance.


Text: 10 --- Placement and blending with its surroundings couldn't be any more perfect.


Theme: 10 --- 'Calm' I believe was the theme.. Win.


Overall: 34 --- Clean, Simple, Brilliant.




Color Scheme: 7 --- Not too many colors to work with here, it explodes with shades of green and hints of blue from left to right and doesn't change too quickly. Great work here.


Lighting: 10 --- Everything shines and dims as it they ought to be. Flawless.


Text: 4 --- Pretty simple, but doesn't work too great with the sig. Placement is way off and doesn't blend-in well with the abstract design.


Theme: 8 --- Too much going on here rofl not calm at all! but I'll give ya a few points for superb abstract work.


Overall: 29 --- Crazy, Vibrant, Eye-Candy


Zar wins my vote.

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Im thinking im going to have to side with R2k's on this one o.o


The abstract is very impressive.... as well as the color choice.


As for Zar's image it looks nice... but its color scheme don't really appeal to me :(

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