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  1. Long time no see! O_o

  2. Oh lookie who it is! ;)

  3. SugarD-x

    [Bots] Trivia Bot - Station 55

    Wtf? Saberking is NOT the author. Doom from Op 1337 is...

  5. SugarD-x

    Forum Error...

    Note: I know this topic is very old but I'm putting my last reply in it to end it once and for all. Also note that the error I mentioned was, in fact, happening on all skins at the time. You guys really are idiots. That wasn't information about the last topic I made because I saw the error BEFORE I made the thread, just as XGhozt mentioned. The second half of the quote was a typo due to the fact that I meant to put that second paragraph outside the quote tag. Obviously that's not an error. Use your head next time and figure that out on your own. I was referring to the part that says the words "FATAL ERROR" in it. Common sense anyone?
  6. SugarD-x

    Vote To Get Back Flame Post Count!

    As Zach's bot usually says: "Not only yes, but Hell yes!"
  7. SugarD-x

    Clan Forum Logo Request

    Sup again guys. HG told me you guys were good with PhotoShop, and I hadn't been on GC for awhile, so I thought I'd hit you guys up and request a logo for my clan's forum. ^_^ Anyway, on to the request!: Type: Logo Size Limit: 480 L x 80 H Background color: Transparent Style: Something that matches my forum's current theme style. http://clanxperience.ulmb.com/forums/ Original image for example: http://clanxperience.ulmb.com/forums/style...t/site_logo.png Text: Clan Xperience Text Font: Your opinion on this one. I want it to look professional, but at the same time I don't want it to be boring. Text Size: Around the same as the original image. Text Color: Preferrably something the same as or similar to the colors of the original image. Format: Please try and keep it as a .png image file. Thanks guys!
  8. SugarD-x

    We Recovered!

    @MasterX: Make sure the install directory is deleted as well :S @HG-Bounder-X's disappearance: I don't know what's up with him lately but he hasn't been online much in my clan channel either. He may be on vacation or just taking a break though... Unusual Off-Topic Note: My GC points=1337 :o

  10. SugarD-x

    Forum Error...

    I did post a screenshot...that's why I said see the attachment lol...
  11. SugarD-x

    Forum Error...

    When I clicked on my name, it sent me to that... See attachment...