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Ghoztcraft Uploader Now Open to Public

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Good news everyone! The Ghoztcraft Uploader is now open to the public, which means anyone can register and use it as a personal storage service free of charge! You can upload anything you want (as long as it's legal) and your privacy will be respected as always. This service is available for the sole purpose of providing an easy place to store small files for personal or public use. It's great for uploading avatars, signatures and small downloads.


Many of you legacy members have been actively enjoying this feature of Ghoztcraft, and we thank you for your support. But we're now welcoming new registrations, and VIP Members can request the following limitations be upgraded free of charge:


Total Storage Space: 15MB

Maximum Upload: 5MB

Maximum Monthly Transfer: 5 Gigs


You can upload and organize the content into folders, and manage all of it using the interface. You will have full control over what you upload and what you delete. No backups are kept of individual accounts, what you delete is gone forever. Please also note that you will need to register and validate your email, as the accounts are not integrated with the forums and there are no plans to do so.


Sign Up here: http://upload.Ghoztcraft.net/

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If privacy is respected, how do you know it's legal?

The folders are protected from being viewable by the public. They can still be looked through by administrators to screen for illegal content.

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