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Version: v2.0

Author: ProMasser

Category: 1.15.2







StackHack + Rally hack more..

Exploit Hack

Version 2.0

For Starcraft & Starcraft Broodwar

Made by ProMasser



====================================== ======================================




Stack Hack:

Select a worker (SCV, Probe, Drone) and hotkey it (ex. Ctrl + 1)

Press the Stack Hack hotkey, allow vision to disappear

Press the hotkey you chose for your worker, the worker will then be selected

Build on top of any building you wish

Remeber MapHack is needed cause unvision won't rework so use maphack.


Zerg MineralHack:

To use the mineral hack select a larva and press Delete. This will cause the larva to morph into a move. If Auto-Cancel is not on you must then manually cancel the larva to receive minerals. However if

Auto-Cancel is on, then just press Delete.


Egg Crash:

Allow the Larva to fully hatch to crash yourself along with others.


Building morph hack:

After having the ability to make a Lair/Sunken/Spore Colony/Greater

Spire Press Delete on the building to regain a drone and destroying your building.

However this is useful because if you make a Spire and Morph it, you will lose the building but will continue to have the ability to make Mutalisks etc.



Instant Larva:

Build a Hatchery and wait until it has 3 Larva, then

press Delete to morph the Hatchery. You will now

have a drone and 3 Larva. Create units with those

larva and then take your drone and quickly make a

hatchery. A Larva should instantly appear. Create

a unit with this Larva and then Cancel the current

building being built, another larva will instantly

appear. Then Quickly select the Larva before it dies

and build another unit. That's 5 Larva! Keep making

buildings to get instant Larva with this Drone to repeat

the process. And this can be repeated Unlimited Times!


Infinite Hydralisks/Mutalisks:

Make sure you have guardian aspect or lurker aspect

available. Click on a hydralisk or mutalisk and push

delete.(you'll want Auto-Cancel off for this) It should start morphing, and your supply's

should drop 1 or 2. Do this with all your mutalisks and

hydralisks and then build even more units. Repeat and

once you've built your army just cancel the eggs that

your mutalisks or hydralisks are making. Past 200 supply's!


Sunken/Spore Colony Rush:

Build a Hatchery anywhere you want to put your Sunken/Spore rush (make sure you can make a lair) and Press Delete on the hatchery when it is done building. The creep will stay there the entire game, so you can now use this to your advantage by placing Sunken/Spore Colony's wherever you want without the need of the Hatchery.


Remove Your Enemy's Creep:

If you can manage to fully make a Hatchery inside your enemy's base, and Morph it when it's done building with the Delete key you will begin to remove your enemy's Creep with the range of if it were to Create creep.


Sub Crash Hack:

Uses the infamous invalid sprite crash this crashes everyone in the game useing a sub unit build.

You will also crash


For more questions post in the topic..







Subtract - Mineral Hack

End - Sub Crash hack. *You will also crash*

NUMPAD0 ~ 9 - Play sounds effects *Works in lobby*

ADD - Stack Hack *Offline only*



/rally - Sets all rally points

/stop - (S)elected units to stop

/nlist - Players who has been detected useing the exploit


-=Xtra Shit=-

DL Status shows download status everytime you join a game

Host Hack have the power to kick/ban/close etc...

Stayalive after you have been killed

Null drop timer makes the drop timer from 45 to 0 (safe drop)

Play sound when you enter a game.

Nuke Anywhere detection

Play Sound works in lobby..





Version History:




- Added Stack Hack

- Added Rally Hack

- Added Stop Hack

- Added Nuke Anywhere detection






- First release




Jiggie - Makeing the basic hack template that taught me alot about ASM

Drakken Template - Because I used it

Ghoztcraft.net - Cool site that has templates and good members

S.C_Hacker - Offset searcher

Suteki - Help topic located in v.i.p


Download The File


Submitted by ProMasserX, on Feb 21 2008, 07:44 PM

Edited by XGhozt

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1. It's hard to read your post because it's BLUE

2. Your screeny is messed up.

3. Don't put those huge freakin' equal-lines; it's screws up the page.


How does /nlist work?

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/nlist shows the hole list of the nuke hackers. I have added a new one with when the statshack shows it adds Nuke Anywhere people like. It pings a sound when nuke anywhere detection this dosen't work when the nuke is controled.

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Just tried it, your getting better Promasser. =/


Btw, do you have a copy of the Basic Hack Template? It appears I deleted the link by accident. Hehehe.

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I'm quite sure you used my stack hack offset since you not only copy/pasted the stack hack instructions directly out of my Stack Hack + Extra's Readme (Even including my "Instructins:" Typo LOL! Along with other parts of the Readme), but you listed me in the credits for "Help topic located in v.i.p" meh. I see your's doesn't fully work because the vision doesn't come back...I suppose I'll help you even though you could of at least typed in your own words on how to use the stack hack. I'm assuming you just NOPed the addy, to allow vision to come back you just need to un-NOP it.


And if you did indeed use my stackhack then this will not work online as you should probably tell people because that is a pretty important piece of information.

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Suteki yes i did use your stackhack readme and i didn't get the stackhack offset from you i asked my friend to search it for me while i was remakeing the hack. Jiggie after school i can mail you your basichack template i only have version 2.

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So does your stack hack work online? I didn't say that I ever literally gave you the offset, what's the first 3 numbers/letters for the offset you use? - Still trying to help you, whatever you did to the offset you use to turn off the lights, you just need to turn it back into what it originally was before you messed with it to get the vision back.


I'm sure you know what I mean but just incase you don't.




Address 123456 - lets say when you nop it, it nops 3 bytes. 90 90 90 but it's orignal values were A0 2D 06


You would first define your NOPs/UnNOPs


NOP3 db 90h, 90h, 90h

UnNOP3 db 0A0h, 2Dh, 06h

then your hotkey would look something like this:



.if wParam == VK_(Your hotkey)

.if YourHack == 0

invoke WriteMem, 123456h, addr NOP3, 3

mov YourHack, 1

jmp @End

.elseif YourHack == 1

invoke WriteMem, 123456h, addr UnNOP3, 3

mov HackToggle, 0

jmp @End





That will NOP/UnNOP (Turn On/Turn Off) the address you used when pressed by your selected Hotkey.




I'm nice I know. :D



@ Jiggie, I have both your first template and your 2nd one that if I remember correctly had both the buggy channel engine, and lobby engine.

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Do I mind if you keep the hack up here? It's your hack, do what you will with it. However you should still tell me the first 3 numbers/letters of the address you used for the stack hack.

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ProMasser... Fix your coding... Idk what you have to do, ask jiggie... but your code does the same thing jiggie's did... Causes memory read errors....

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He wont be able to.. Fixing that is to advanced for him. =/


LOL. I also guess spelling is too advanced for him too. Instructins is spelled wrong. The correct spelling is Instructions.

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7000 idk who you think you are your gay ass. Jiggie no its not to advanced for me.... And hush 7000 you don't have no idea you think that it takes to make most hacks. So you should be glad atleast programmers share there hacks with you noobs all you noobs do is. Complain , BM than use there hack and complain and get the hack patched. If it wasn't for Drakken this most likey woudn't be here.

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i could use help pro i been dlin hacks here for a while oblivion min map all that good shit but nvr regged and i regged to get some help i dled ur exploit duh and i cant figure out y the infinite mutalisk thing works or min hack is there somethin else i need plz help






2nd Question

tryin to dl ur hack server to go on where would i save that i cant figure out where plz help thanks for support if u can

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