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I wants a signature.

I want like a techno border thing like the second in my sig, but cooler.

Base colors would be blue and black.

Animated Please.

Like an abstract background with maybe a diagonal line pattern overlay.

Text HG-Bounder-X

Text The Time Has Come

A bikini girl or a cool looking sephiroth OR BOTH :D

Cool advanced Techno Look.

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How the hell are you going to put a render on top of an abstract Sig? lol


Fine... I'll look for a girl but it ain't gonna be a bikini girl. Maybe some bitch wearing panties BUT THATS IT!!


I'll get crackin' at it as soon as I can.


I'm not feeling so good right now ugh... I just had a Philly CheeseSteak with the SPICIEST hot sauce EVER!!


I think it had the biohazard symbol in the back of the bottle w/ a WARNING label. I didn't pay attention to what it said but GOD DAMN THAT SHIT WAS HOT AS HELL!!!


My face got all red, I started tearing outta my eyes, started to get all sweaty, my throat was so dry, it was the best hot sauce EVER!!

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Hellz yeah.


Hot Sauce is my new high. I get more fucked up by hot sauce than any other drug.


Anyways getting off topic. wtf were we talking about?

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