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  1. Happy Birthday Sgt. Snoo Snoo!

  2. Long time no see! O_o

  3. And apparently you can't receive any new PMs. Clear out your inbox...

  4. Well herro there.

  5. Happy Birthday! Apparently, you're legal now!

  6. Well now I want to hear it.

  7. Go ahead, I made the tags to be used by anyone who likes them.

  8. Loving this new graphics card, I can see my renders in After Effects LIVE!

    1. XGhozt


      What card did you get?

  9. You're never online anymore :[

  10. High on life right now...

    1. Cripp


      when i read this i thought... wtf viper is high.... his career....


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    2. Rudy


      I LOVE GREEN! :D

    3. davide


      hi viper can u help my pzl can u give my a oblivion 4.0.6 thisisit mienral hack and immortal unit 4.0.6 plz game starcraft brood war

    4. davide
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday :D

  13. Happy Birthday!

    1. XGhozt


      Hah, those totally make me think of you. Nice kicks homie G.

    2. Gloopie


      Nice kicks. Of course there would be green on it...

  14. wants his 300 cookies, or an equivalent thereof back >:/

  15. Creating Space Attack

  16. Happy Birthday! ^_^